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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm Back

I have decided to start blogging again this winter.  Since I last blogged in 2012 I have been on my first flight and vacation since my injury, I have started sewing Poco Pouch purse sets and selling them on Etsy:, and have had 4 surgeries.  What a ride!
My vacation was to Las Vegas.  We flew out of Seattle directly there.  I was so nervous that my luggage with all of my supplies wouldn't arrive, I was worried that my power wheelchair would be damaged in transport, I was worried that my feet would swell so much in flight that my feet would bust out of my shoes, I was worried about being transferred in and out of my airplane seat.  So many of my friends gave me great advice, but as you know you can prepare as efficiently as possible, yet all of my concerns were possibilities.  I am happy to say that only a slight setback was awaiting me in Las Vegas.  When my power-chair was brought to me, the back was reclined and very rickety.  I learned that disabling my chairs power (so that it would have to be moved manually and not driven by someone inexperienced) left the airport staff with no knowledge of how to recline the back so that it would fit in the cargo area, which led them to just forcing it to recline.  When I got in my chair we could not return the back to an upright position.  I started to panic and after about 20 minutes of fussing around it finally worked.  Lesson: When leaving your power-chair to board the plane, make sure to recline the back so it fits in the cargo area.  We had a blast in Vegas.  It is very accessible and has a lot to offer.  The public transportation is cheap and accessible.  I am happy to say after 13 years of being injured, I will be having my 2nd vacation and traveling back to Vegas in the spring 2015.  

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