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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Timeline Post SCI 3rd Post

I was taken off of the rehab floor due to the fact that I became to ill to continue my therapies.  Like I said in my 2nd timeline post, I don't remember what floor it was, so I am calling it "sick bay."
I began running a very high temperature.  That's when all of the tests began.  They looked and looked and could not figure out what was causing my temperature to spike.  My white blood cell count was high which would indicate some sort of infection, but they could not find where it was.  A group of infectious disease doctors started following my care.  I became very weak and lethargic, I could not eat, and was unable to get out of bed to even sit up in my chair.  I seriously felt my body shutting down.  Day after day it was the same thing.  I laid in my hospital bed  wearing my cervical neck brace getting turned from side to side every four hours never getting out of bed except to be taken by stretcher to my next scan to try and figure out what was wrong with me.  After about 30 days of this I remember telling my sister and husband that I had no energy nor drive to live like this any longer.  I honestly felt like I was dying.  I remember getting mad and saying, " If God wanted me, then he should have taken me when I had my accident."  I couldn't figure out why I survived and made it through intensive care, and three encouraging weeks in rehab just to ultimately end up like this.
To be continued

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