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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I went swimming again this past Thursday for my second time.  It was quite a different experience from the first time.

I went there with my caregiver/friend again.  This is such a great new way to hang out and spend additional time together.  We are away from the daily tasks of cleaning the house, going grocery shopping, or to yet another doctor appointment.

The transfer from my wheelchair to the pool lift was a much smoother process this go around.  Although we didn't have much troubles the first time, I know the smoother it is on the both of us the less likely of injury.

It was less comical this time.  I was able to balance much better, and had better control of my body.  I did not do any face plants, swallow any water, and I managed to keep all of my body parts in my swim suit. :-)

It feels so good to get off of my butt and out of my wheelchair, as well as giving my elbows a rest from holding me up in my chair.

It was another fun night full of many laughs.

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