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Friday, October 21, 2011

Weight management

Here is a link for nutritional guidelines for individuals with SCI.

Living with a spinal cord injury comes with many weight issues.  Some people cannot keep the weight on, but like myself many people worry about the dreaded weight gain, and all the risks that come along with those extra pounds.

I have struggled with my body image as well.  Not only carrying the extra weight, but how and where it is distributed.  It is hard to keep the weight off when you are sitting on your butt everyday with limited body movement.  It is important to eat a healthy, well balanced, low calorie diet to keep from gaining weight.  This is a constant battle for me because my taste buds like EVERYTHING!  

I have come to decide that it has been ten years since my spinal cord injury, and I must embrace my new body both the inside and out, and to know that the ones who truly care about you don't care what the scale reads. The important thing is to be healthy!

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