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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So last week I went swimming for the first time since my spinal cord injury (10 years)  

I had an absolute blast, and to my surprise I was not scared.  I had a care giver/friend go with me and we laughed the entire time.  I was like a weeble wobble bouncing all over the place trying to stay upright.  I put a flotation belt around my waist to keep me afloat, however I still had to tread water with my arms to keep from falling backwards, which I did plenty of, or from doing a face plant forward.  It felt great to get out of my chair, off of my butt, and to let my arms have a break from the daily, hour by hour job of holding me up.  It seriously was a great and freeing time.  I would encourage anyone if given the opportunity to go to a therapy pool ( 87 degrees ) to build some strength, to free yourself from your wheelchair, but most of all to have some fun.  I will be going again tomorrow and I am looking so forward to it.

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